Historic Village Diner
7550 North Broadway
Red Hook, New York 12571
Phone 845-758-6232

The "Historic" Village Diner is significant as a distinctive example of early-twentieth century American roadside architecture surviving exceptionally intact from its date of manufacture in the 1920's. It embodies distinguishing characteristics of the type and period in its streamlined metal railroad dining car inspired design, which was intended to evoke, at once, the ideas of travel, food cleanliness and modern efficiency.

The diner is additionally significant as a representative example of a Silk City Diner, a highly popular prefabricated dining car line manufactured by the Paterson Vehicle Company of Paterson, New Jersey from the 1920's to the 1950's. Moved several times to adapt to changing travel patterns, the history of the diner also recalls the growth and development of the regional transportation system during the early automobile age.

After years of catering to travelers on Dutchess County's major highways, the "Historic" Village Diner now enjoys continued popularity as a community-oriented restaurant and the focal point of much local nostalgia.

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